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Celebrating music from Birmingham & the Black Country


Lisa and TonyCapsule director Lisa Meyer with Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi

“Heavy Metal was born in the West Midlands and has developed a global following matched only in Hip-Hop. Its time to stop sneering and celebrate this proud cultural heritage…”

Daniel Trilling – New Statesman 30th July 2007

After over 5 years of dreaming, planning, championing and charming, Capsule managed something quite extraordinary in the summer of 2011.  Music fans as well as gifted curators and producers, Capsule threw down the gauntlet to the region.  Where were the shrines to Heavy Metal? Loved the world over, Heavy Metal in its many forms had its roots in Birmingham and the Black Country.  But you wouldn't know to visit it.  Nary a plaque, tour or tea towel marked one of the region's most prolific cultural exports.  But Capsule changed all that.

By enlisting partners throughout the West Midlands and beyond, Home of Metal grew from a whisper to a roar.  First a day long event at Supersonic Festival, then a digital archive project growing interest and involvement from the grass roots to Home of Metal 2011. A major exhibition at BMAG and events all over the Black Country featuring Mark Titchner at New Art Gallery Walsall and a Black Country weekender complete with film screenings, family activities and the UK’s first Heavy Metal academic conference.

At last fans in Birmingham and the rest of the world had a chance to pay homage to the music and its industrial home.  Read this document and take pride in their achievements.

Home of Metal is a celebration of the music that was born in the Black Country and Birmingham, and is a project created and produced by Capsule.

Four decades since Heavy Metal was unleashed onto an unsuspecting world, Home of Metal honours a truly global musical phenomenon.

The Home of Metal programme that took place from June 2011 to January 2012 consisted of a series of events and exhibitions across 15 venues in the four local authority areas of Birmingham, Wolverhampton,Walsall and Sandwell and Dudley.   


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